Helping Catholics Make

a Lasting Difference.

The Founders Society Members
John and Carol Almeter
Atlanta Foundation
George Aulbach ✝
Gertrude Aulbach ✝
Jack and Isabel Baker
Gregory and Juanita Baranco
The Reverend Joseph Beltran ✝
Paula Lawton Bevington
Mr. and Mrs. Linwood Brown
Timothy J. Cambias Sr.
Linda Williams Cattanach
James P. Chevis Sr.
Mark and Elen Christopher
James ✝ and Virginia ✝ Conrads
William and Gloria Cortez
David and Mary Dahm
James Davies
Myrtle Davis
The Reverend Monsignor Edward J. Dillon, J.C.D.
The Most Reverend John F. Donoghue ✝
Durward and Mary Fornara Fincher
Michael ✝ and Donna Egan
Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Stephen Elliott
Richard ✝ and Alyce Everett
Durward ✝ and Mary Fornara ✝ Fincher
Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Fitzgerald
Haroldina Lee Franch ✝
Martin ✝ and Dianne Gatins
Roberto ✝ and Olga ✝ Goizueta
T. Michael and Kathy Hodell
Walter and Evelyn Hoff
L. Phillip and Jane Humann
Ida Alice Ryan Charitable Trust
Danny Ingram
William ✝ and Donna Izlar
John and Mary Franklin Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Michael M. E. Johns
Charles G. Johnson ✝
Mr. ✝ and Mrs. Joseph West Jones
Milton H. Jones
Katherine John Murphy Foundation
James and Maura Kelly
Mrs. James G. Kenan ✝
Donald ✝ and Mickie Keough
Michael and Jinny Keough
The Reverend Monsignor R. Donald Kiernan
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Lanier Jr.
The Most Reverend James P. Lyke ✝
Mary Ryan and Henry G. Kuhrt Foundation
Frank McAdams
The Reverend Monsignor John F. McDonough ✝
The Reverend Michael McKeever ✝
Metropolitan Atlanta Community Fdn. – Special Fund #9
The Reverend Monsignor James Miceli ✝
Pauline Mollands ✝
Nell Moltz ✝
Kenneth ✝ and Margaret Murphy
Thomas and Linda Norwood
The Reverend Joseph Peacock ✝
Philip and Irene Toll Gage Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Prendergast
Steven Schlacter
Mary Schwab
David and Erin Seng
Alex ✝ and Betty ✝ Smith
Mrs. J. Albert Snitzer
Mr. ✝ and Mrs. ✝ Hughes Spalding, Jr.
The Speedwell Foundation
Mrs. Augustus Sterne ✝
Mrs. Barbara Prater Terrell
Michael and Shirley Trapp
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Wallace
Dr. Donald P. Williams ✝
James and Tracy Winchester
Mrs. Franklin Wright ✝

✝ Deceased