General Grants

The General Grants Program of the Catholic Foundation of North Georgia has been its primary granting program since the first funds were raised. Although the General Grants Program is currently small, the grants provided from it have provided significant assistance through the years to Catholic schools, nonprofits, parishes, and ministries at times when most needed.

General Grants are funded from several endowment funds which were established for grant giving. Gifts are always welcome to these funds to enable the Catholic Foundation to provide even more grants in the future. The Grants Committee and the Board of Directors are responsible for approving the grants, and all grants must be in accordance with Catholic teaching.

Grant deadlines are March 31st and September 30th each year. Grants sizes may vary. For guidance on completing your grant application, email or call the office at 404-497-9440. To receive an electronic version of the grants application, contact the Foundation as noted above.

Click here for the General Grants application.

Click here for the Grant Follow-up Report form.