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The vision of the Catholic Foundation is to ensure that the Catholic community and its ministries have the financial resources to serve and make a difference in the lives of future generations.

Giving Services – How We Partner With You

The Catholic Foundation supports the ministries of The Archdiocese of Atlanta through the long-term management of endowment funds. Endowment funds are one way committed Catholics can leave a gift to support their parish, Catholic school or favorite non-profit which will last far beyond their lifetime, as these funds are intended to last forever.  This legacy – a gift in perpetuity – is critical to the importance of the future of the Catholic church in our archdiocese. They ensure that the work of the church will thrive now and forever.

Administration of Endowment Funds

The Catholic Foundation professionally invests and manages the endowment funds of each Catholic parish and archdiocesan school in The Archdiocese of Atlanta, along with many other funds for organizations and individuals. We are governed by an independent board of lay leaders, clergy and the Archbishop, and we ensure that all funds are invested in accordance with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Socially Responsible Investment Guidelines. Managing investments professionally through the Catholic Foundation provides simplicity and seamlessness for you and your donors.

  • If your endowment fund is not currently managed by the Catholic Foundation, please contact us to discuss how we can serve you and your organization (including non-profit organizations and archdiocesan ministries), both now and in the future.
  • If you know of a donor who wants to open a fund in support of your organization, please contact us and we will help you to facilitate the gift.

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Planned Giving Facilitation

We strive to partner with you to inspire planned giving among your donors. We work with you to help individual parishioners, families, and donors of any income level make a planned gift in support of your parish, school or organization.  If you have a donor who is interested in making a planned gift – such as a gift in their will – we can help facilitate the gift which will serve your organization for generations to come.


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There are a number of ways we can help educate your leadership team and your donors.

  • We can assist you in making presentations to your parishioners or donors on your organization’s endowment fund and the benefist of gift planning. Some examples of groups include: board of directors, development committee, finance board, stewardship committee, parish council, school parent association, Knights of Columbus, women’s circle, men’s club, and senior groups.
  • We can speak on special occasions including Masses and Grandparents Day.
  • We can help your Bereavement ministry increase gifts to your endowment fund by showing them how to offer the option of memorial gifts for families planning funerals.
  • We provide bulletin/newsletter notes and graphics that are an easy way to educate and encourage parishioners, families and donors to make gifts to your endowment fund.

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We also offer End of Life Planning Workshops on how donors can include their parish, school or other Catholic organizations in their will. These workshops include information on advanced directives, Church teaching on funerals, cremation and burial, the importance of a will, estate planning, and leaving a Catholic legacy. These workshops serve to increase gifts to your organization both now and through planned gifts.

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The Catholic Foundation sponsors #iGiveCatholic – an online giving day on Giving Tuesday, where parishes, schools and non-profit ministries can raise funds for specific projects. We provide training and marketing support for organizations to be successful in generating gifts with both current and new donors. This online giving event is a great way to reach your current donors in a unique way, as well as to secure new and younger donors.  Please see our Resources page for marketing collateral customized for our archdiocese.


2017 Results

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2017 Best Practices Video – Non-Profit/Ministry (Ignatius House Jesuit Retreat Center)

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Other Donor Giving Services

We partner with you to help individuals, couples and families interested in giving to your organization using more complex gifts such as real estate and insurance policies. We also work with those who are interested in donor advised funds, which coordinate one’s charitable giving. The donors make recommendations as to the parishes, schools and organizations they want to support, and the Catholic Foundation handles the administrative and legal requirements on their behalf. Managing investments professionally through the Catholic Foundation provides simplicity and seamlessness for your donors.


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