The Catholic Foundation of North Georgia serves as a catalyst for creating Catholic legacies as a special form of stewardship. As a community foundation for Catholics, we help families and individuals pass along their Catholic heritage and values for future generations.

We work to encourage Catholic philanthropy and the stewardship of assets to give back to the Lord from the gifts he has provided for us. We teach parishioners how to make a gift from their assets through their wills or estate plans. We make certain that the donor’s intentions are honored, and handle the grants and distributions from the funds.

The Catholic Foundation of North Georgia helps build endowment funds for parishes, schools, and ministries. We work with parish and school leaders to grow the endowment funds by encouraging Catholics and others to leave legacies to the endowments.

Once endowment funds are established, we make sure the funds are invested in a diversified manner to preserve and grow the endowments. We handle the administrative work for endowment funds and provide grants to assist the local Catholic community.

"The Archbishop told us about the then reorganizing Catholic Foundation of North Georgia. My wife and I chose the Catholic Foundation to act as the manager for our bequest to Catholic Charities Atlanta, realizing the large and ever growing experience the Catholic Foundation has in managing bequests to Catholic (and other) organizations. We know it would manage our bequest to provide benefits as directed to Catholic Charities exclusively."
- an Anonymous Donor